Visiting Oakland

The Bay Area is one of the more notable metropolitan areas in both California and the western coast of the United States. This network of cities and towns stretches around the San Francisco Bay and has been a hub for art, music, and culture for many decades. When people think of the Bay Area, they are often drawn to San Francisco, which is an amazing metropolis in its own right. However, many people tend to overlook a neighboring city in the Bay that has been a staple in Bay culture. That city is none other than Oakland, California. This city, located in the East Bay, has been a hotbed for great music and art among other things, such as companies likeĀ near me. On this page, we’ll give you some great ideas to keep in mind if you end up in this cool town. Keep reading!

Trip to Oakland


Since the sixties and the seventies, California has been a place of inspiration for artists of all kinds. In the music department, Oakland has been strongly represented throughout the years. Many of the nineteen seventies’ funk bands who were making waves in their scene hailed from the Bay. Some of this funk began to be categorized as an “Oakland sound.” This sound of funk had a laid back pocket that exuded psychedelic characteristics. This lines up with the culture of the Bay back then, which was home to many free thinking individuals who avidly experimented with psychedelics.

As time passed, this Oakland sound for funk began to move more into fusion and later hip hop. Some of the elements of the West Coast hip hop sound have roots in Oakland funk. Of course, one of the most notable sounds to come out of Oakland is the hyphy movement. This was a brand of hip hop that directly reflected the culture of Oakland at the time.