When people think of big cities on the East Coast, many think immediately of New York City. Of course, this is the largest metropolitan area of the eastern seaboard of the United States. However, if you travel just a few hours farther up the coast, you will find yourself in the city that is the heart and soul of New England – Boston.

This old coastal city, often referred to as “Bean Town,” provides a variety of charm and grit to all who live and visit it. In this city, you’ll find some new heritage as well as some old history. We’re going to take you to the streets to tell you some great things to check out if you happen to give this northeastern metropolis a visit. Stay Tuned or check out Boston Local Movers – affordable for more information!

Attractions for Visitors


Of course, one of the central things to any culture in any city is the food. Here in the northeastern part of the United States, seafood abounds. There are plenty of fresh fish and other animals that come in as the catch every single day. Here, you’ll be able to have some of the best lobster, crab, and cod in the whole country. One of the staples of Boston seafood is New England clam chowder. This soupy meal is the pride and joy of many New Englanders. More often than not, they’ll be willing to fight for the authenticity and supremacy of the way they make this soup.

Historical Sites

New England is the landing place of many Europeans who set out to start a new life for themselves in North America. As a result, you’ll see many old buildings and streets that are still intact after the American Revolution. In addition, you’ll see remnants of British influence here. The names of many cities and streets still bear this heritage!