About Us

Hi there!

You’re on the website of Providence, Rhode Island’s top moving company. We strive to make things affordable for you whether you are moving to another house, office, or other space. We also offer storage space so that you can put your excess things somewhere while in the throes of relocation.

On this page, we’ve included information about us as a company. We know that it can be difficult to trust strangers with your valuable possessions, so take this opportunity to get to know us a little bit. Keep reading down below!

Our Start

Always Moving

Our company has been moving things from the beginning. However, we weren’t doing freelance work like we are now. In fact, we used to be part of a large firm that helped small businesses set up pop up shops in dense urban areas such as New York City and Boston. We became some of the best around for this kind of thing, but we wanted to expand our operation to maximize our reach and serve more people.

However, this firm we were a part of didn’t have that in mind for us. So, we quietly packed our bags and started our own business. While some might think that was too risky of a move, we actually ended up prospering from the decision. Our name and reputation came along with us and we were soon deploying an all new office moving branch of our operation. We’ve been serving our area for years now and couldn’t be more happy doing so.